Alexis Kune

February 3rd - march 15th 2008:
US tour set up by the Mentsh in close collaboration with Doctor Valérie Navarro (theater and dance professor at Henry Foss High school)

The programme :
  • Concerts, recordings and radio programmes
  • Production and performance of Fiddler on the roof by the students of the Henry Foss High school of Tacoma (thirty teenagers).
  • Visits and musical animations in primary schools
  • Concerts, conférences, musical and dance workshop at schools and synagogues in the region

February 7th 2008

Concert at Congress for Jewish Culture in New York

February 12th 2008

Concert for the Theatre Through Dance Festival (Henry Foss High School, Tacoma, Washington state)

February 13th 2008

Introduction to klezmer and concert at the French Circle of Olympia (Whasington state)

February 17th 2008

The Mentsh are received by Yankl Falk in Portland (Oregon) in the radio programme The Yiddish Hour. Yankl Falk has proposed this weekly programme for the past 29 years.

February 18th 2008

Between two concerts, the Mentsh are received by Steeve Conway, Democratic Congressman Démocrate of Washington state

February 21st 2008

Visite and worshop given at Sheridan Elementary School of Tacoma

February 24th 2008

Concert at the Mandolin Café in Tacoma (Washington state)

28th, 29th and the 1st of mars 2008

Performance of Fiddler on the Roof at Henry Foss High School.
This three performances took place after four month of préparation including three weeks of intense reharsals with the Mentsh.
During the classes we mixed the music and staging. The students were hopping to learn the attitudes and expressions relating to jewish culture also everything concerning the rythm and staging of the show.